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26 April

What You Can Do With Your Greeting Cards}

Submitted by: Robert Johnston

Custom greeting cards have the ability of touching peoples lives. These things can correspond at a more personal level, and that what makes this tool indispensable. Business establishments and some of the public relation establishments have concentrated on these things and used it in lots of manners to make and copy connections. These trade prints also have great ability to establish and re establish connections. Greeting cards can do this and so much more especially when it comes to building good relationship with different contacts like your clients, partners in business and even business suppliers. It can even be utilized to tap into targeted clients and source out all the responses.

This trade print has been in circulation in the business world for many years now. For all your promotional requirements, you can always make use of these trade prints to further improve your business campaigns and tactics. It is also considered as one of the approaches that you can go with for you to lure in clients and establish good business communication, relationship and future business transactions with potential clients. Make sure to utilize all the tips and ideas below and make a great move for your promotional and public relations. All you have to do is read and understand all the things written below.

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Make a greeting card that have images depending upon the nature of your business and how you want to utilize these things, you can make these cards in image cards and make use of them for your advantage. If you want to invite some of your friends and business partners to your new business establishments or office, you can make use of these things to display tell all the people what the event is all about. This process more often than not improves the popularity of your new business.

Make use of these cards as thank you notes make use of your cards as a mode for you to response to all the people who attended your event. On special days and occasions too like your business anniversary, making use of these things is one manner of replying to all those people in a formal manner. In addition, make sure to also take the initiative to reply to your clients and send out thank you notes to all of them. Show your appreciation though these trade prints.

Thank you notes for all your avid clients another good idea on how you can display your appreciation for the continuous patronage of clients is by distributing thank you notes to all of them that more often than not demonstrates how these people have contributed to your business growth. Once again, you might include this information when you want to recognize their support. Fitting events might also include your business events.

Holiday cards spread out the good will and distribute greeting cards during the most vital holiday season. The importance of these holidays more often than not varies to who your primary clients are, your industry, and in what industry you and your business belong to.

As invitations stimulate all your clients into attending your business event. Always make the invitation good looking by conceptualizing around the occasion. In addition, also make sure to include all the vital details like the time, the date, and especially the place on your custom holiday greeting cards.

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26 January

Selling Yourself To The Media: Tips To Deliver A Knock Out Interview}

Selling Yourself To The Media: Tips To Deliver A Knock-Out Interview


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Giving an interview is like going on a first date: It will lay the groundwork for your relationship with the media. Youve caught their attention, now you need to build a rapport and develop a long-term relationship, gathering the publicity results on your way. An interview is the best free publicity you can get, so you need to be the best intervieweeor datethe journalist has ever had. Make it so whenever they need an expert or need a sourceregarding your area of expertiseyou are the person they contact. Giving a good interview is the first step in getting more publicity, so sell yourself to the media, and score a second date.

Here are a few publicity tips to remember for your interview:

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1. If the interview is going to be over the phone make sure you use a landline, not your cell. A dropped call or a bad connection can lead to confusion, wasted time, or worse, for you and the person interviewing you. Its the same reason you dont talk to your date with you mouth full. Good crisp connections are the key to achieving the publicity results you desire.

2. Take a promotional break. When youre being interviewed, remember that the interview is your promotion, so theres no need for you to do it. Dont say In my book… fifteen times during an interview, or during a date. Take a backseat to the interviews promotional power and enjoy the publicity results.

3. If youre doing television, give some thought into what youll be wearing. Ask yourself, How will I look on set? You want to stand out, not blend in. Do you wear camouflage on a first date? Of course not. And always bring a change of clothes. You dont want to be wearing the same outfit as your interviewer, or your date! Its also a good idea to dress professionally in a phone interview. Youre likely to be more confident in your professional attire than in your pajamas. Publicity success lies in a persons confidence.

4. Send in a suggested list of questions for the interviewer to use. Note: Do not try this before a first, second, or third date. Youll be able to answer these questions in a very succinct and clear manner, making great sound bites that can be pulled out and used in print articles, getting more publicity for you. Its always a good idea to review your online press kit prior to the interview as well.

The best free publicity tipand dating tip youll ever receive is this: Be prepared. For interviews and everything else in the PR realm being prepared is the key ingredient to a successful publicity campaign. Lack of preparation is a publicists nightmareyours tooso dress up, know your sound bites ahead of time, and review your online press kit. With a little preparation, you too can be a publicity success.

L. Drew Gerber is CEO of Blue Kangaroo, Inc. and the creator of, a free media tool that moves the best interviews to the front of the line for journalists and producers. Gerbers staff develops online press kits for authors, speakers and companies with http://www.presskit 24/, a technology he developed. Contact Gerber at: or 828-749-3182. For more great free publicity advice, visit

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Selling Yourself To The Media: Tips To Deliver A Knock-Out Interview