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24 June

Symptoms Of Radon Gas Poisoning Appear Only After The Condition Has Become Serious}

Symptoms Of Radon Gas Poisoning Appear Only After The Condition Has Become Serious


Muna wa Wanjiru

Though highly toxic and dangerous for one’s health, radon is very hard to identify, or to be more accurate: it is almost impossible to tell whether a home is exposed to radon or not by merely relying on human senses. Since it is both odorless and colorless, this radioactive gas that enters basements and living areas located at the ground level, can cause severe poisoning that ends up in fatal lung tissue decay. Cancer triggered by radon gas poisoning is hard to tell, since the symptoms are all the same for lung affections: coughing, wheezing, heavy breath, infections like pneumonia and bronchitis.

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Symptoms of radon gas poisoning are very likely to appear only after the condition has become pretty serious, and when cancer is already in the middle if not in the final stage of evolution. Without home testing for radon accumulation, many patients remain unaware of the cause that triggered the affection in the first place. Furthermore, the same risk remains for the rest of the family members, not to mention that children and youngsters and adult smokers are the ones to experience the first symptoms. Hence, it is highly important that a close monitoring of the radon levels be made on a periodical basis.

The best way to prevent radon gas poisoning is to use a combination of short and long-term tests to measure the gas levels both in the basement and the living areas. Afterwards, immediate precaution measures need to be taken in order to prevent the increase of the radon levels: seal all the cracks and openings in the basement floor and walls, check and recondition the ventilation system if necessary, check all the pipes with their joints and fittings, and have an expert analyze the house condition and see what other supplementary radon mitigation devices may be needed.

Radon gas poisoning can be avoided if you take the time to test a house before buying it. Mention should be made that radon gas accumulation varies not just from year to year, but from day to day, this means that the results of some tests performed now may no longer be valid within several weeks. Hence the need for using long-term radon tests is a must: such devices collect data for extended periods of time, providing a solid basis for determining the average radon levels to which you are exposed throughout a year for instance.

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Radon Gas Poisoning

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Symptoms Of Radon Gas Poisoning Appear Only After The Condition Has Become Serious


12 June

Knowing The Different Types In Hotel Supply Products}

Submitted by: Rathan Roy

Hotel supplies can be classified into Hotel Equipment, In-room Amenities, Luggage Handling, Hotel Furniture, Bath Supplies, Bedding Supplies, Restaurant & Banquet Supplies, Housekeeping Supplies and Office Supplies.

Hotel Equipment

Based on the various applications, areas, capacities and cooking methods, Hotel Kitchen Equipment should be handpicked. Because of the various types involved, Hotel Kitchen Equipment can be sub-classified into Cooking Equipment, Kitchen Accessories, Storage Racks, Food Preservation, Heating and Cooling Systems, Dining Furniture, Food Pick-up Stall, Service Area Equipment, Bakery Equipment, Wash Area Equipment and Kitchen Working Platforms.

In-room Amenities

Beverage supplies, food serving trays, coffee makers, glassware, stationery, TV remote controls, telephones, TV sets, Air conditioners, mini refrigerators, trash bins and suchitems fall in this category.

Luggage Handling

As the guests arrive, trolleys are needed in the hotel check-in area to handle and carry their usually heavy baggage into the lifts and rooms. Those luggage trolleys are also called Hotel Luggage Carts or Carriers. Apart from the luggage trolleys, luggage racks, room hangers, garment racks and wall racks are necessary to place the luggage and luggage items inside hotel rooms.

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Hotel Furniture

Hotel furniture include in-room furniture like cots, chairs, wardrobes, dressing tables, work tables and coffee tables; hotel lobby, reception and office furniture like reception desk, lobby chairs, sofas, office tables, computer desks, file racks, conference hall tables, office chairs, etc; dining and coffee shop furniture like dining tables,, chairs and eatery chat tables.

Bath Supplies

All those items required for bath and restrooms like bath towels, toiletries, shower curtains, sanitary tissue papers, odour control and hygiene care products, bath mats, various bathroom stands and holders, bath fittings come under the category Bath Supplies.

Bedding Supplies

These constitute all the sleep related supplies like mattresses, pillows, pillow covers, bed spreads, rollaways, blankets, mattress pads, sheets and linen items.

Restaurant & Banquet Supplies

The visible areas that get much of the public glare in a hotel are the Restaurant Area and the Banquet Hall. Everything that shows and moves here get noticed and makes an impression for good or bad. So, whatever items used here in these areas have to be chosen with all care and importance because each item represents itself and speaks much about the hotels standard, reputation and vibrancy. Supplies to these sections include crockery, cutlery, utensils, table covers, display boards, screens, bain marie, table tops, wall papers, wall paintings, decorative boards and panels, sign boards, floor mats and food serving accessories.

Housekeeping Supplies

One of those very important functions in a hotel is Housekeeping. Maybe it is the centrality of the hospitality industry. Because the very quality of housekeeping in a hotel determines the quality of the hotel itself, Housekeeping assumes all the more significance. After all, it is all about cleanliness and hygiene.

Housekeeping is that one service which is responsible for the entire hotels tidiness, appearance and neatness. There are several products and items that make housekeeping function effective and complete. They are vacuum cleaners, mopping equipment and accessories, cleaning/chemical agents, brooms, housekeeping implements, cleaning cloth and wipers, brushes, spray guns, glass cleaning liquids, cleaning carts, cleaning staff uniforms, odour control agents, polishing agents, etc.,

Office Supplies

Hotel reception and office staff have several functions and to fulfill their duties, they need several products and items such as room booking forms, lobby signs, locks, key hangers/boxes, cash registers, printers, print stationery, time clocks, safes, First Aid kits and give-away gifts.


The Arcadia Hotel Supplies

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