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13 May

Why Is Medical Tourism A Successful Industry In India?}

Why is medical tourism a successful industry in India?



Over time, the healthcare industry of India has become one of Indias largest sectors both in terms of revenue generation and employment. The industry is very big and it comprises research centers, clinics & hospitals, medical devices, tel medicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment. Researchers claim that the industry has been growing at a fast pace due to a number of reasons such as strengthening coverage, services and increasing expenditure by public as well private players.

Features of Indian health care

Standardize the quality of service delivery

Control cost

Enhance patient engagement,

focus on the technological aspect of healthcare delivery

Apart from low cost, the success rate in India is also very high. To ease the arrival and documentations of international patients, healthcare consultants are flooded in India with detailed information of reputed and esteemed hospitals and their doctors. They offer VISA assistance, provide translation, interpretation and accommodation services, pick & drop from airports, medical tourism and the list goes on. In addition, they also manage medical tourism in India by letting patients and their attendants explore attractions of the country.


India is known for its diverse culture and heritage. With the recent technological improvements and the government spending huge amounts on medical sector, the quality of medicine has increased. Low treatment costs and an opportunity to experience the most scenic places makes India a favorable destination for medical tourists. Here are some of the reasons why India is becoming a hub for medical tourists.

1. Low Cost Procedural costs for treatments like heart bypass or face lift are almost negligible, as compared to developed nations like US or UK. A heart valve replacement in India costs only $9,500, as opposed to $170,000 in US.

2. Quality Care- Most of the hospitals have award winning practitioners of the west and are equipped with the latest technology. With most of the medical care units accredited the facilities provided are of top quality and of high standards.

Some of the more popular treatments offered in India are-

1. Cardiology- Indian medical facilities are particularly accomplished in cardiac care, making it the most desired treatment in the India. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery are the most popular treatments.

2. Oncology Surgical and Diagnostic expertise in oncology is a major advantage of the Indian medical scene. The tough task of cancer treatment is performed here at ease, with the help of modern technologies.

Popular destinations for medical tourism in India are-

1. Chennai Topping the charts is Chennai as this is the most favoured destination by medical travelers, owing to the affordable treatment options and excellent quality of healthcare. Some of the hospitals that are of top quality are The Apollo Hospital, the Fort is Marla Hospital and the SRM Hospital etc.

2. New Delhi The capital is the home of some of the finest world class private hospitals. Procedures like ophthalmic surgery and neurology are offered at exceedingly low prices

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31 January

Promote Lifelong Good Health With Kyani Sunrise Health Supplement}

Promote lifelong good health with Kyani Sunrise Health supplement


Vikram Kumar

Named as Kyani Sunrise because it is taken in the morning, it is the first product from Kyani that claims to do wonders for your body. The Kyani Sunrise health supplement is to be taken right in the morning when you are about to start the day as it loads you with the natural goodness of superfoods like berries. Though it can be taken at any time of the day, it is advised to consume this liquid based dietary supplement in the morning to start the day afresh.

The main ingredient of Kyani Sunrise Health supplement is the wild Alaskan blueberry. Wild Alaskan blueberries are different from common blueberries because these blueberries grow in the summer months in Alaska which receives 22 hours of sunlight during those months. These blueberries contain a substance known as anthocyanin in its skin which is rich in antioxidants. The richness of antioxidants in Alaskan blueberries is five times that of common blueberries and therefore it is highly beneficial for the body. Kyani Sunrise health supplement is rich in the goodness of Alaskan blueberries and thus it promotes good health to millions of consumers all over the world.

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Superfoods are loaded with nutrients which are really beneficial for our body. Most of these superfoods like Alaskan blueberries are derived from nature and therefore devoid of harmful side effects. Kyani Sunrise health supplement contains several other nutrient rich superfoods like raspberry, amla berry, pomegranate, cranberry, concord grapes, aloe vera, wolf berry and Panax Gingseng which makes it high in antioxidants. It also contains 9 essential vitamins which are needed by our body. Chemical based health supplements in the market cannot give you such nutrition from natural sources.

Kyani Sunrise is extremely good for your immune system because of the rich antioxidant content. It protects you from cell damage and other degenerative diseases. It is good for your skin and hair growth and also controls several other health issues. The reason why we tend to lose our natural youthful beauty so soon these days and fall sick frequently is because we have lost touch with the benefits provided by nature. Shifting towards chemical based artificial products has spelt doom for us. Consumption of health supplements like Kyani Sunrise with the essential vitamins and minerals provided by real natural fruits and vegetables will benefit you immensely in the long run without producing side effects in future.

The blueberries present in Kyani Sunrise are good for the heart and helps to maintain the blood sugar levels, which makes it good for patients with high blood sugar levels. Raspberry as well as concord grapes are good for your heart and your immune system. Cranberry extracts not only help to promote heart health and reduce blood sugar levels but also takes care of urinary tract infections. Wolf berry present in this health supplement alone has 11 minerals, 18 amino acids and 7 vitamins. It is one of the most nutritious ingredients of the this health supplement. On a whole, consumption of this particular health supplement will promote all round health development throughout the year and keep you away from falling ill frequently.

When everybody is relying upon artificial products and is being repeatedly cheated by the false claims, it is time that you shift towards natural products like

Kyni Sunrise health supplement

, which contains several natural fruit ingredients like Alaskan blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, etc.

Kyni Sunrise

is highly beneficial and promotes all round health development.

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22 September

Check For Melanoma With Mole Checks In Los Angeles

Check for Melanoma with Mole Checks in Los Angeles


Neal James

Having a mole checked out by a good Beverly Hills dermatologist may allow the cancer to be caught in the early stages, when it is most treatable just because someone spots a new mole on their skin does not necessarily mean the mole is cancerous it is not uncommon for people to develop new moles, especially in early life. However this does not mean that a person\’s eyes should not always be on the lookout for new and suspicious looking blemishes a person should have their skin thoroughly checked at least once a year, twice a year.

If there is a family history of skin cancer, the skin check will help look for varieties of cancer such as melanoma, which is the number one form of fatal skin cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, there are a number of excellent, certified Beverly Hills dermatologists that can help someone determine if a mole may be malignant or not, there are several signs that indicate that a particular mole or skin blemish. Might need to be checked out if the mole appears to be scaly cancerous moles are also usually oddly colored and shaped, if you find a mole on your body, That is noticeably different from your normal skin tone or has a rough edges it probably would be best to have it checked is also a good idea to look for new moles but, also to keep an eye on moles that one already has, if a particular mole seems to have changed shape or color or bleed. This might be a warning sign of skin cancer typically malls are asymmetrical flush with the skin and smaller than a pencil eraser, please remember however that an abnormal mole does not necessarily indicate a sign of malignant skin cancer.

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Although to be on the safe side, new or abnormal moles should definitely be checked out as soon as possible. If one is aware of how their skin feels and looks normally and performs regular checks for abnormalities. When one is found and a dermatologist is contacted, if there is a problem with the mole or skin, then it can be dealt with before it becomes a significant problem. There are a number of excellent dermatologists in Los Angeles, California if one resides in the Pacific Palisades Santa Monica or Beverly Hills California then there is sure to be a dermatologist in Los Angeles that will meet all your skincare needs

For more details regarding

Mole checks in Los Angeles

you can visit

Beverly Hills dermatologist


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