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16 September

3 Basic Deck Design Elements}

3 Basic Deck Design Elements


Richard Vande Sompel

Decks are no longer simple rectangles located at the rear of a home. Homeowners are utilizing three basic deck design elements in creating outdoor living spaces that will meet the needs and tastes of their occupants.

The ideal deck should not blend completely in with the house but at the same time it should not be shockingly different. Three elements to consider when designing a deck to match with a house and yard are mass, shape and color.

A deck’s visual mass is not just a function of its actual size. Constructing a deck low to the ground or utilizing railings that are low or not too heavy looking will enable the deck to recede and appear smaller. Allowing large beams to be visible, using thicker or more ornate railings as well as using wide facing boards will work to make the deck appear more massive.

In order to make the house to which the deck is attached seem less massive, plant trees or tall shrubs beside it. To increase the area of the deck without causing it to look too large for the home, plan it in such a way as to hug the house rather than just project out into the yard. The wraparound deck is an excellent choice for wrapping the deck around one or more corners making the deck seem to be an intregal part of the house rather than a solitary structure.

The shape that is chosen for the deck should be in harmony with the lines of the home. The deck alignment should be more horizontal than vertical.

Consider the overall shape of the house. An L-shaped deck can mirror that of the home. A plain looking home can be enhanced with a boldly shaped deck while a house with a confusing shape can benefit from a more simple deck shape.

Perhaps it’s time to consider a deck that is uniquely different such as one that incorporates a tree, is an island deck or even a peninsula deck.

In terms of color the traditional approach is to stain a deck to a redwood or cedar color or allow the deck to weather to its natural grey. However it might be more meaningful to consider applying a semitransparent or solid opaque stain to the deck. The advantage is twofold. The pigments in the stain will help to ptrotect the wood from the sun’s damaging utraviolet rays. But more importantly it is possible to obtain the desired color and look that will go best with the house.

In the end, the application of these three basic deck design elements will go a long way to assisting homeowners with the creation of deck designs that will fulfill their desires and tastes.

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23 August

Brisbane Based New Home Builder Helps Out In East Timor}

Submitted by: Sharyn Parker

Building Timors future

Indigo Homes recently headed to East Timor to continue building (yes, physically!) a relationship with one of Australias less fortunate neighbours.

When Indigos purchasing manager, Clint Joyce, agreed to lead a week-long building project in a remote village in East Timor, he knew he wasn’t in for a typical holiday.

Usually you’re a tourist. But we were there to expand a school high up in the mountains above the clouds; we were right amongst the locals.

Life above the clouds

The week of adventure began even before Clint and the team of volunteers with the Terrace Timor Network arrived in the mountain village of Railako Kraik,.

YouTube Preview Image

The roads from Dili quickly deteriorate into dirt tracks; you have to cross rivers to get there. I’ve done a little bit of four-wheel driving, but this was a definite adventure, Clint says.

What a week can do

While the group of 12 included a couple of Queensland tradies, the bulk of the keen volunteers were building novices. Still, under Clints guidance as a registered builder, and with plenty of help from willing locals, the team constructed the new school building in record time.

The locals had had no equipment, so they had levelled the site by eye, says Clint. The first day we grabbed our levels and began digging the building platform with shovels and picks.

Because torrential rain hit most days by 3pm, the team set a cracking pace for the job, starting work at six or seven in the morning, and often working through the rain.

This was riskier than it might sound, as the volunteers accommodation was about 30 minutes away by 4WD. We had to hope the rain stopped or wed have nowhere to sleep! says Clint.

Indigo Homes a human company

When they did sleep, the crew bedded down in a basic shed that was part of the legacy left by Indigo Homes director and co-founder Chris La Franchi who took the same trip in 2009. Inspired by a friend from the Terrace Timor Network, Chris researched East Timors history and decided Indigo could help.

The real story was pretty horrendous, says Chris. You wonder how it could happen on our doorstep. Going there to help made me feel a little better.

What Chris didn’t realise was how this project would impact his own life.

I took my teenage son, to help him grow as a person. Things you take for granted here are your daily challenges there.

Indigo Homes have now committed to sending a team member every year to build in Railako Kraik.

One reason I wanted to have my own business was to be able to help the wider community. Timor is a perfect example of that, says Chris.

Indigo Homes doesnt only spend time building in East Timor. Indigo is an award-winning Brisbane-based new home builder with designs for all sites traditional, sloping, small lot and acreage. You can check out all their new home designs here.

However Indigo Homes does far more than just build homes. Theyve also created the No Surprises Building Book, available free. The book helps you get up to speed on all the steps involved in building a new home, whos responsible for what, and typical timeframes.

About the Author: I am Assistant to Manager at Indigo Homes. Indigo Homes not only build the most stunningly designed, value-for-money, quality homes but also want to make your building experience as relaxing as possible.


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