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9 December

When Your Automotive Mechanic Does Flat Rate Billing For Auto Repair And Truck Repair In Tampa}

When Your Automotive Mechanic Does Flat Rate Billing for Auto Repair and Truck Repair in Tampa



You cannot avoid auto repair or truck repair no matter how well you maintain your vehicle. You will still need to bring it to your automotive service center for auto inspection, engine repair or car transmission system repair some time. Perhaps you may need to have some of your car parts replaced with AC Delco car parts, or perhaps you will just need auto oil change. Whatever automotive service you will need, your mechanic will either use hourly billing or flat rate billing. Both are acceptable billing methods in Tampa. But what difference does it make?

Hourly billing is self-explanatory. Your automotive mechanic and automotive service center will bill you for the exact number of hours spent working on your vehicle. Flat rate billing, on the other hand, is based on how much time a flat rate book says a certain type of repair takes when done by the average professional mechanic. The flat rate book is an automotive industry standard that is used everywhere and not just in Tampa.

Flat rate billing becomes a problem when some clients believe that they are being scammed when they are billed for a three-hour repair that the mechanic finishes in just two hours. The clients think they should, therefore, be billed only for those two hours. They should take into consideration, though, that the three hour period specified in the flat rate book is the industry standard in doing such type of repair. This means that the average professional skilled mechanic will take three hours to do the job properly. If the particular mechanic was able to finish it in two hours, and the repair was done well, it just means that this mechanic is exceptionally skilled and perhaps has had long experience in such types of repair. The time and study he has invested in preparing himself professionally up to that point accounts for the speed with which he did the task. It is only fair that he be duly rewarded for it.

If clients fear being scammed, that could be possible with hourly billing, as well. Without the benefit of a flat rate book, clients will not have any idea on how much time it should really take to do a certain type of repair. For all you know, the automotive mechanic could spend four hours on a task that should take only an hour. Even if you do have a flat rate book at hand, the automotive mechanic who is being paid by the hour will not have any incentive to do the job faster even if he has the capability to do so. It will be to his best interest to extend the task to the maximum time possible.

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With flat rate billing, therefore, both the client and the automotive mechanic are at an advantage. The mechanic can work at his real pace and if he finishes earlier than expected then the client can drive off much earlier, too. The mechanic can then take on other jobs and the client has lost less downtime.

There are times when the mechanic can even be at a disadvantage with the flat rate billing system. With very new car systems, sometimes the manufacturers estimate of how long a certain repair should take is quite tight considering the fact that mechanics have not had enough time yet to master its innovations. It would not be farfetched under such scenarios for mechanics to take even more time than specified in the book. This means they are on the losing end of the deal.

So if your automotive mechanic in Tampa uses flat rate billing, do not blame him for it. You are not being shortchanged for as long as you are getting the highest quality of auto repair or truck repair.

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When Your Automotive Mechanic Does Flat Rate Billing for Auto Repair and Truck Repair in Tampa }

21 September

What To Consider Before Buying A Fairfield Ford Car

What to Consider before Buying a Fairfield Ford Car


Nick Pruett

Planning to buy a new or used Ford car? Are you buying a new or used car? Which model did you choose? Is it Ford F 150 or an Escape model? Before you make your choice there are a few aspects that you need to consider. Let me point them out one by one.

Where Are You Buying It From?

Whether you are in Fairfax or Sacramento, you can find reliable Ford car dealers that sell new as well as used Ford cars. It is always wise to find the Ford car dealer in the locality. Try to find those car dealers that sell as well as offer repairing services. Another important thing is to choose those dealerships that sell or repair only new and used Ford cars. Look for such Sacramento or Fairfax Ford dealers. You will find a few couples of them. However, you have to choose the best one.

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New or Used Car?

Are you going to buy a new Ford car? You may also think of buying a used car if your financial situation is a little tight at the moment. Do not drop the idea of buying a used car just because you think used cars are pathetic. Wake up. Used cars from reputed dealers, especially form those that deal with Ford cars only, are as good as new cars. Reviews from customers who have purchased and driven used Ford cars testify to this fact. All you have to do is to find the right dealer that is reputed for selling well conditioned used cars.

Which Model Will You Buy?

Have you decided which new or used Ford model you will buy? If you already have a specific preference, then check out the reviews about it, so that you know the technical details of the model. If you have not yet decided which model to buy, then you can check out the website of the Sacramento or Fairfax Ford dealers and check out the various Ford models. You can also come to learn about the new Ford cars that are going to be launched soon. Interestingly, you will also find the technical details of these new cars. So, it will be easier for you to make your choice.

Need a Car Loan?

If you search online, you will find lots of Ford car dealers that sell new as well as used cars. As said earlier, you will also find car sellers that deal with Ford cars only. There are, though quite a few, car dealers that arrange for car loans if you need. You can get a car loan even if you have bad credit history or no credit record at all. These car dealers in Fairfield work with the banks or financial organizations and arrange car loans for the aspiring buyers. You can check the online reputation of the car dealer you choose. The feedbacks left by the previous customers or reviews will help you figure out if you are making the right choice.

Nick Pruett is associated with successful

Fairfield Ford

dealers. He is very fond of cars. In this article he will share some valuable information about

F 150 Vacaville

and he will talk about some other popular Ford models in his future articles; so keep reading if you are also interested in automobiles.

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